The Faith Formation Office works to support each family in sharing the Catholic Faith with their children. 

We provide classes for grades 1- 10 during the school year and a summer session.
We also support one-on-one home programs for our families. 
We assist parents, our children’s primary catechists, to prepare for the sacraments
of Reconciliation and Eucharist and coordinate the Confirmation program with Youth Ministry. 
We offer Family Gathering events throughout the year to strengthen
our community of Faith Formation families.



The ‘Source and Summit’ of our Faith!  We celebrate and welcome children to the Table during their second year of Faith Formation. In addition to home preparation, the children attend three classes in the spring to complete the BLESSED curriculum and receive the Sacrament at a Sunday Eucharistic Liturgy in the Easter season. Most are in the second grade but we also provide classes for older baptized children.


This is a Sacrament of Healing that brings us the beautiful gift of full forgiveness! 
We welcome our children to receive this sacrament for the first time on a Saturday during the Advent season
in second grade. The Faith Formation Office works with families to complete the BLESSED curriculum and children attend three classes in the fall to prepare for the Sacrament.


Completing our Baptismal Initiation, Confirmation welcomes us as full participating members of the Church. 
Faith Formation
and Youth Ministry
work together to prepare
our teens for this sacrament which is celebrated in the spring after two years of preparation usually in the tenth grade.

Is attending Sunday Mass something you would like to do as a family but don’t? The Archdiocese of Newark’s Pastoral Ministry with Persons with Disabilities needs assistance in assessing how many familiesl living with autism and IDD are unable top worship together. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please assist the archdiocese by completing a survey. Survey results assist in obtaining funding for an educational program called Attends Mass, that provides families with the skills, support, and success to participated in the liturgy of their faith community. Please contact Anne Masters ( with any questions you may have. Thank you!! This survey can be shared with individuals from other parishes and other faith affiliations.